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Peachtree Audio sonaDAC+AMP

Superb DAC & multi-talented AMP combo can drive high-performance headphones, power bookshelf monitors or a pair of demanding audiophile-quality floor stander loudspeakers. The future of compact sound is here.


Triangle - Elara LN07

Intuitive, daring and minimalistic - the Elara speaker range breaks the rules of classic HiFi with an innovative design.


Yamaha R-N602

High sound quality MusicCast HiFi Receiver, packed with network functions. Unlimited enjoyment of many different sound sources, including hi-res sources, smartphones and streaming services.


Bowers & Wilkins 803 D3

The most compact headed model Bowers & Wilkins has ever made is a triumph in engineering, design and sonic performance.


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Solo 5 Soundbar

The Bose Solo 5 is a one-piece soundbar that brings noticeably better sound to your Television. Plus with Bluetooth connectivity, you can play your favourite music wirelessly through the speaker too...more here


Ingenium Turntable

This superb turntable offers more people the chance of opening a window to quality audiophile vinyl reproduction...more here

Musical Fidelity

M6 500i Special Offer

Purchase the M6 500i and get a free Musical Fidelity V90 HPA Headphone Amp & Musical Fidelity MF100 Headphones...more here

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Naim’s new Mu-so Qb is anything but square… 10/03/2016

This is what can happen when you take proper Hi-Fi smarts and incorporate it in a top-notch design…suddenly it’s ‘hip to be square’ all over again…. It was early 2014 when Naim took the wraps off its first foray into Wireless Streaming Speakers, called Mu-so. This was a game changer for the company and attracted […]

What’s up with those audio watt ratings… 22/02/2016

“I recall a by-gone era when audio specifications were meaningful. They were poured over by enthusiasts, and heavily scrutinised by reviewers. Along came Home Theatre and any semblance of honest comparison went the way of the dinosaur. We are currently writing our next newsletter, and when researching information on a particular A/V receiver, the Yamaha […]