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The new Sonos Play:5 is back in stock. Come and discover an incredible listening experience...


Triangle - Elara LN07

Intuitive, daring and minimalistic - the Elara speaker range breaks the rules of classic HiFi with an innovative design.


Bluesound - Vault 2

Make VAULT 2 the heart of your modern digital music system and easily rip, store or download music in lossless formats for maximum listening quality...


Devialet - Expert 900 Limited Edition

Devialet's lead engineers have created an exclusive and ultimate limited edition of 100 units only of the Expert amplifiers...


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Chord Electronics


This British-built headphone amplifier and DAC will deliver recording-studio sound quality from any headphone via your smart device or computer...more here


Ingenium Turntable

This superb turntable offers more people the chance of opening a window to quality audiophile vinyl reproduction...more here



Solo, Duo or Multiroom...Phantom plays your music via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. With just one PHANTOM or in a multi-room system, take your home into the future..

Custom Installations

Do not be intimidated by the concept of Home Automation; it is simply the combination of all things electrical. Learn More

Multi-room installations can take many forms, and involve widely varying levels of complexity. Learn More

Talk to us about integrating and controlling AV equipment, lightning systems, security, HVAC and more... Learn More


Making sound choices 04/12/2015

One of the roles of any good consumer based business is to seek out the best solutions for their client base. As Audio retailers our job is to seek out the best products in our specific market place, and then present them to our customers. This is the main thing that separates specialist audio retailers […]

Projecting the future 03/12/2015

Len Wallis comments about the arrival the latest generation of Home Cinema Projectors from JVC and Sony and marvels at their recent advancements. “IT’S is only natural to expect that with time most things in life improve. That is certainly the case in this industry, and while there is a very definite return to one […]