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Peachtree Audio nova300

The nova300 incorporates the latest generation of ICEPower amplification with an impressive 300 watts per channel but it is so much more than just headline numbers...


Panasonic 4KPRO HDR

The new range of premium 4K PRO HDR Televisions from Panasonic have arrived in-store. Experience incredible color reproduction, stunning cinematic picture quality and elegant design aesthetics...


Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC Wireless

Everyday will sound great with these quality closed-back over-ear phones' from Sennheiser with active noise cancelling and Bluetooth. Superb value at under $300!


Devialet Expert Pro 130

A remarkable piece of technology, the Expert Pro 130 amplifier combines all of the key components of an audiophile system (preamplifier, amplifier, DAC, streamer, phono stage) into a single and extremely thin slab....


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Speaker Cable

Enhance the sound of your system with quality pure grade copper cable from German manufacturer Inakusitc. We cut cable and add plugs to suit your requirements...more here  


Smartly connected, the C338 hybrid digital integrated ampIifier from NAD lets you easily connect digital, analogue, and even wireless music sources AND offers incredible value at just $999!

One Audio


One of the most compelling and involving bookshelf loudspeakers we have heard in 40 years of business! More here...


Special Editions

Marantz's new premium PM-14S1 Integrated Amplifier and SA14S1 Compact Disc Player are now in store. Discover the new master pieces today...more here

Prima Luna

DiaLogue HP

Can an integrated amp, sound better than preamp/amp combinations that cost four, five, even ten times as much? PrimaLuma is the answer...more here

Custom Installations

Find out how you can enjoy the freedom and enjoyment of a multi-room Audio Visual solution in your home. Learn More

A stable and robust network in your home that can handle all the demands of today's modern devices. Learn More

Imagine being able to control multi-room household entertainment equipment from a single iOS or Android device! Learn More

We can expertly design and install a Home Theatre that’s tailored to you and your home... Learn More


OneAudio Mu.2 bookshelf speakers may rule them all…. 03/03/2017

The Autumn edition of our newsletter has just arrived, and in it we featured a new Australian speaker – the OneAudio Mu.2. At the time of writing the newsletter we had a pair of what we believed to be the final version of the speaker for audition, and if you are on our mailing list […]

Sounding off on technology for technology’s sake 24/02/2017

There are few industries more enjoyable and satisfying than this one. The technology involved continues to advance at an incredible rate, and 100% of that technology is focused on enriching the lives of our clients. However at times I believe that technology is introduced solely for the sake of technology. One of the greatest advances […]

Record Doctor

Series V

Improve sound playback and look after your records by getting dirt, grime, and dust out of those grooves with this awesome vacuum cleaning record restoration mavel...more here