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Triangle Elara LN01 Active

Smart devices, Home Theater, CD or Vinyl. Accessing high fidelity sound is easy thanks to multiple connection options and quality on-board Class-D amplification providing superb bass and smooth, detailed sound Triangle is renowned for...


Marantz Special Editions

Marantz's new premium PM-14S1 Integrated Amplifier and SA14S1 Compact Disc Player is now in store. Discover the new master pieces today...


Bluesound Sound bar & sub

Bluesound's SOUNDBAR supports audio up to 24-Bit/192KHz resolution and true 3-way speaker configuration with tri-amplification for impressive reproduction...add the SUB for a superb entertainment experience....


Thorens TD 295 MKIV

New in store, the TD295 offers technical finesse and first-rate sound which goes hand in hand with elegant appearance...


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Bowers & Wilkins

P9 Signature

Carefully crafted from high quality components as part of B&W's 50th anniversary celebration, these are a very special pair of cans...more here

PS Audio

DirectStream Junior

Special Offer, for a limited time, get 20% off this remarkable piece of technology AND discover the missing information long hidden in your audio library, from CD's, to all PCM or DSD based file types.

Astell & Kern

AK Jr Special Offer

True Hi-Fi Hi-Res audio in a smartphone-like experience AND the AK Jr is now reduced from $599 to just $399!...more here 

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Get smart on tech needs for your home 17/02/2017

I have just read an article by a chap in the United States who recently built a home where the cabling for security, networking, audio distribution, automation etc. was part of the package. Once the home was completed it was discovered that most of what had been installed was redundant. The cameras were wired for […]

Taking bout’ good turntable vibrations 10/02/2017

As you wander through your local audio store you will notice that almost all turntables on the market are: Belt driven, and They are manually operated. This has nothing to do with the fact that this design is cheaper to manufacture, which it undoubtedly is. It is more to do with the function of the […]