20/04/2012 Marantz One-Box Solution Special!

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The Marantz ER803 “Melody Movie” is a high-quality Blu-ray receiver that also plays CDs and DVDs – with all the finest of details faithfully reproduced. You can also plug-in your iPod, or even your mobile phone or PC – via the optional Bluetooth connection RX101. Stereo FM/AM? No problem! The Melody Movie is also a tuner. As a 2.1 BD Receiver you may want to connect just two loudspeakers directly, and perhaps add a subwoofer. As you’d expect, BD-picture quality is great, but also from DVDs, since Melody Movie up-scales them to 1080p HD resolution. Sound quality is up there as the digital amplifier delivers 2x 70W, and uses advanced signal processing. In addition, with Dolby Virtual Speakers, you can experience simulated surround sound from just two speakers. This is big, big entertainment from a very compact and well-designed box.
We have a special offer for you on this excellent one-box solution: reduced from $1599 to just $999, while stocks last. Lots of people want separate component performance in a compact form, and here is something that can do it at a budget price.

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