05/01/2018 Oppo’s disc players now the universal choice

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You might be surprised to learn that until recently, the only company offering any alternative to the Oppo range of universal-disc (CD, SACD, DVD, Blu-Ray) players was the ‘UD’ series from Marantz. However Marantz have recently discontinued this series of universal players and we are now completely out of stock.

This means that for the first time that I can recall we now have the extraordinary situation of having a product that has absolutely no competition. Oppo is not a brand that everyone is familiar with. Their audio offering is extremely limited, consisting of three pair of headphones, two headphone amplifiers and two models of universal players. It is for the universal players that have earned Oppo an enviable reputation among those in the know. If you are in the market for a high-end universal player, or just a good Blu-Ray player, there is no one that comes remotely close to the Oppo.

“If you are in the market for a high-end universal player, there is no one that comes remotely close to the Oppo.”

What makes Oppo unique is that each facet of the player is excellent. For example the more expensive of the two, the $2,199 UDP-205 is as good a stand-alone CD player as you will get for the price, and many consider it better than CD players costing many times more.

The fact that the Oppo players are also SACD players is something of a bonus. I recently read a write-up on a very expensive two-channel system (over $100k) – and the CD player of choice was an Oppo.

From a Blu-Ray perspective there is no alternative, no one comes even close at anywhere near the price point. Throw in the fact that it is a 4K player and the value simply gets better. The ability of these players to extract information, be it music or video, is uncanny.

The other, and no less important, aspect of Oppo is the build quality and reliability. We pride ourselves on selling good quality and reliable product. Even so Oppo is a stand out – it is a very rare occurrence to see an Oppo come in for repair. Our job would be far easier if all products were as well made and as reliable as Oppo.

Given the current trend away from physical media it is unlikely that any company is allocating resources to serious R&D in the shiny disc category. We believe that the Oppo will become the last of the great disc players.

As mentioned there are two units, the UDP-203 at $950, and the UDP-205 at $2,190.

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