26/04/2012 Projection Screens Going Cheap!

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We have found some projection screens in the store room that are still new in their boxes but now are surplus to our requirements and will be absolute bargains for someone.

Firstly, the LP Morgan Rondo, Precision Chain Drive Pull-down screen, was a custom size but the exact size is lost in the mists of time, approx 112”/285cm diagonally, (without unpacking it and risking dirt or damage we think the most it could be is 115”) which would give you an image around 2500×1550. It might turn out to be a little larger or smaller, but that with a bit of luck should be within the scope of adjustment for your projector either by positioning or zooming. The fabulous thing about it is that it’s new and a fraction of new price: RRP approx $1270, you can buy it for $395. This is an ideal home cinema scale of screen, with a viewing distance of about 3.75 to 4.0m for starters, and back as far as you like after that. The positioning of the projector will depend on the model, but typically they end up around 4.5 to 5.5 m back.

The other model is the Sound&Image manual pull-down 81”/205cm screen, also new in box, and this one is going for a miserly $99, and we have two only. This is larger than currently available plasma or LCD/LED TVs, and even adding in a new entry level or budget projector (see also our secondhand section) will see you up and running for a very low price. Suit DIY bargain hunters!

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