16/12/2011 DACs – You’ve Never Had It So Good!

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There’s a new entry-level ($499) DAC from Peachtree that’s going to win a lot of friends. Computer Audiophile were mightily impressed with it:

“The sound quality available through this DAC may fool even the most knuckle dragging, card carrying audiophile in a short term blind or sighted listening test. I encourage readers to find another DAC of this quality anywhere near this price. The DAC•iT is not for listeners who require analog input(s), balanced analog outputs, or volume control. The DAC•iT may be the component of choice for readers seeking a low cost, high performing, overachieving DAC from a company created solely to meet the needs of computer audiophiles. The DAC•iT is highly recommended. ”

Selling for not much more here than it does in the USA, this little DAC has no list of bells and whilstles, but will do exactly what most people are going to want it to. Read More …

Musical Fidelity are not going to be left standing – they have just done an upgrade to their V-DAC, and the MkII version has asynchronous circuitry in it which makes sure your computer sourced music is re-clocked and presents as if it is coming from a high quality player! Not content to just add that circuitry, the boffins at MF also reduced the distortion figures in the new model, improved the stereo separation, and gave it an entirely new and gleaming metal case. The price: $399, same as the previous version, so all the old V-DACs are now going to clear through for just $299.

And, just quietly, since nobody seems to be trumpeting it, the new stock of the Musical Fidelity M1 DAC ($699) also has the asynchronous circuitry included. You have to look closely to see the tell-tale “A” to verify that it’s the new version – not on the DAC faceplate itself, but on packaging and barcode strips. The extra money for the M1 DAC-A over the V-DAC II gets you a much higher build standard (including things like balanced outs and a newly upgraded power supply) and the payoff is smoother textures, better imaging, wider soundstage, all those things we expect in classy audio gear.

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