02/03/2012 Sennheiser’s Digital Wireless Headphones

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With the release of the RS 220 Digital Wireless headphones, Sennheiser has set a new standard for audio reproduction in this style of headphone, as well as enhancing their connections to enable them to be used with any of the following – analogue L+R, Digital Optical (handy with quite a few LCD TVs) or Digital Coaxial. On the back of the unit there are these three inputs, plus three corresponding loop outputs, so the signal can continue on to another device if required. Two headsets can be run off the one transmitter if you want to. The headset has rechargeable batteries which recharge on the stand.

At $649 these are premium price for this sort of product, but as Sennheiser have proven time and again, they have the expertise to make their headphones worth the asking price. for further info, the Product Page is here.

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