20/04/2012 Spin_clean LP Cleaner Now Here!

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These Spin-Clean devices we blogged about in January have just arrived – obviously the importer underestimated demand – so let’s re-run that!
I’ve lost count of the number of LP cleaning products that have appeared – and mostly disappeared again – over the six decades (yes!) since LP came along to replace 78rpm records. Most of them were a variation on the cloth and fluid idea, but some were more imaginative – like the sticky roller! The most recent was Revirginiser, a liquid that set like a soft rubbery skin on the playing surface then peeled off, hopefully leaving nothing behind.

We still have the Milty Duopad, which I rate as the best of the “wipe it off” variety of cleaner. The best over all job will always be done by one of those classy motorised and vacuuming record cleaning machines that cost a thousand dollars or more, and are a bit of a production to set up and operate. If only someone could come up with a device that does most of that but at a fraction of the price. Well, this looks like it!

The Spin-Clean Record Washer Mk2 is a minimalist, hand-powered cleaning machine. The full kit includes the basin, cleaning brushes, special fluid (a concentrate that goes sparingly into clean water) and drying cloths, for $135, and this will keep you going for hundreds of records.
For more info see our Product page.

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