28/02/2013 Death of The Dock Exaggerated?

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Technology keeps on evolving, and there’s definitely a trend towards wireless transfer instead of direct connection. But it should be remembered that there’s a vast number of iPods, iPads and various models of iPhone out there still in use. The numbers that have been sold are staggering.The market for secondhand Apple devices is strong, so while we might have updated, or see people with the latest phones sporting the new connection, there’s a huge user-base who find the standard docks very useful.

All of which brings me to the various powered speakers that have a dock incorporated in them, such as the Focal XS2.1, and Aktimate Micro. These are both excellent powered speaker products, and you can connect to them directly via Aux inputs, not just via the dock. The dock is a bonus, not the main event.

If you are looking to improve the sound you get from your computer, or just want a compact, affordable and very good audio from any stereo source, these are two of the best buys around. Incidentally, Aktimate advise that they are re-engineering all of their speakers as a result of moving to a better production plant, so their lines will get another boost in quality. The Micros are the first line to come from the new plant.

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