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The Soundbar scene is hotting up. B&W have the new Panorama 2 ($2499), with improved speakers and 3 x HDMI inputs, while Yamaha’s range has been extended with the YSP-4300 ($1999) and YSP3300 ($1699). Then along came the AudioXperts 4TV 2112 ($1999) which is a revolutionary design, just 60mm in height. No sooner had we seen that when Sonos announced that their new soundbar – see more about that below.

Naim Audio – new to us are a number of Naim products which offer everything from just a DAC through Streamers and right up to one-box “does everything including the amplification” in the Uniti series. We have the ND5 XS streamer, the UnitiServe server, UnitiQute streamer/radio/amplifier, Uniti2 streamer/radio/CD/amplifier and the more powerful SuperUniti. There’s also the DAC, with ten inputs! As mentioned previously in a blog post, we are having a special evening event with Naim on Wednesday 3rd April, 6pm start. Call Meena or Sylvia on 94276755 to reserve your place.

Sonos have announced their soundbar called the PLAYBAR, priced at $999, and we expect stock to arrive in March. This works beautifully as a stand-alone soundbar speaker system for your TV, but of course will also play music from the various other sources, just like all Sonos zone players. Furthermore, if you use it in conjunction with the SUB and two wireless PLAY:3 speakers as rears, it grows into a full 5.1 channel surround system.

Electrocompaniet have been reviewing quite a few of their amplifier prices, and we’ve adjusted our website accordingly, so if you’ve had your eye on something of their great range, check it again now.

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