07/06/2017 PS Audio shines with a ‘Stellar’ new range…

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A brilliant legacy: PS Audio’s first product from 1973 and the latest Stellar Range

Many of you are aware of our admiration for PS Audio. This US manufacturer is one of the most innovative companies in our industry – they consistently take a very different approach to their designs but still turn up with some of the best sounding products that we carry.

Their NuWave DSD Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) is arguably one of the best value for money DAC’s on the market. PS Audio have now added a pre-amplifier stage to an upgraded version of the DSD DAC resulting in a very high quality Pre-Amp/DAC combination called the Stella Gain Cell DAC.


Bang for your buck: The NuWave DAC is an excellent value proposition

At the heart of the pre-amplifier stage is their ‘Gain Cell’ technology. This is a unique approach to a classic problem confronting all amplifier designers – the influence of the volume control on performance. While space will not allow a full description of the technology involved, the audio quality of the unit indicates that they have achieved their desired outcome. As the standard DSD DAC is considered great value at $1,799 the pre-amp version, which sells for $2,595, represents a fantastic bargain.


Taking control: PS Audio Gain Cell DAC

The matching power amplifier, the Stella S300 Stereo Power Amplifier, is rated at 140watts into 8 Ohms and doubles its power into 4 Ohms. Once again this product utilities PS Audios ‘Cell’ technology – this time the ‘Analogue Cell’. This is a zero feedback, balanced, Class A, MOSFET input stage, mirroring the sonic qualities of valve components. The output stage is a high current Class ‘D’ design.

The Stellar S300 is a dual mono design, with each of the two channels having complete and independent power supplies and power amplification stages.

Interestingly PS Audio has stated that their goal with the development of this amplifier was to design ‘one of the most extraordinary under $5,000 stereo power amplifiers ever crafted’ – given the Stella 300 sells for $2,295 suggests they have come up with an absolute winner!


Power to the people: The Stellar S300 Amplifier

The M700, a 700 watt/channel mono-block power amp selling for $4,495 the pair, completes the Stella range.

Plus: for a limited time PS Audio have just re-introduced some very attractive specials:

Do your ears a favor and come down to the showroom for listen to the new Stellar range from PS Audio – you won’t be disappointed!

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