09/12/2016 Turning up the volume on Christmas Specials

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The number of specials on offer at the moment continues to balloon. Only a couple of weeks ago we listed what was on offer at the time, but this has expanded so rapidly that it warrants a recap.

I don’t recall a Christmas period when so many wholesalers were falling over themselves with specials and promotions leading up to the festive season. If you were looking for a great deal, this is your opportunity.

Yamaha – the two big ones.

  • One of the best kept secrets in this industry is Yamaha’s ‘A-S’ series of integrated amplifiers and ‘S’ series of CD players. The build quality of these is exceptional, and the performance first rate. We have a limited number of all models with specific side panel colours at heavily discounted prices.
  • AS1100 RRP:$2,599                          Sell: $1,699
  • AS2100 RRP:$3,999                         Sell: $2,499
  • AS3000 RRP:$8,999                        Sell: $5,499
  • S1000 RRP:$2,299                           Sell: $1,699
  • S2100 RRP:$2,999                           Sell: $1,999
  • S3000 RRP:$7,499                           Sell: $4,999

Polished performance: Yamaha’s ‘A-S’ series of integrated amplifiers and ‘S’ series of CD players.

Yamaha also have an Aventage Home Theatre trade-up offer, where you will receive a minimum trade in for any AV receiver, irrespective of age of condition, on one of their fabulous Aventage receivers. The offer is:

  • RX-A3060: Minimum trade-in $500
  • RX-A2060: Minimum trade-in $400
  • RX-A1060: Minimum trade-in $300
  • RX-A860: Minimum trade-in $250
  • RX-A760: Minimum trade-in $150.
  • RX-A710: Minimum trade-in $125.

Yamaha Trade & Save: upgrade your old AV receiver for a new Aventage model

P S Audio

P S Audio have a limited offer of 20% off both the extremely well priced NuWave DSD DAC and their excellent DirectStream Junior DAC. Not only is the DirectStream Junior an excellent DAC in its own right, but it now comes with their Bridge 11 built-in making it a superb streamer as well.

The current prices are:

  • NuWave DSD $1,435 Down from $1,795
  • DirectStream Junior $4,695 Down from $5,895


Astell & Kern:

The undisputed king of portable digital players have a number of very enticing specials at the moment.

  • AK Junior RRP: $599            Sell: $399
  • AK70 RRP: $999                    Sell: $749
  • AK320 RRP: $2,800             Sell: $1,999
  • AK380 RRP: $4,799             Sell: $3,999

Hi-Res music starts here: Astell & Kern AK Jr


Richter are running a very attractive promotion, current through to the 26th of January. Labelled the Size Up a Richter’ promotion the offer represents excellent value. The idea is simple, buy a pair of Richter speakers and go home with the next model up at the same price.

  • Purchase a pair of Merlin bookshelf speakers ($799) and receive a pair of Mentors ($999)
  • Purchase a pair of Harlequin speakers ($1,499) and receive a pair of Wizards ($1,999)
  • Purchase a pair of Wizard speakers ($1,999) and receive a pair of Dragons ($2,499)

Size up a Richter: A legendary offer worth considering


Sunfire is our subwoofer brand of choice – they are one of a small handful of specialist manufacturers who dominate this category. In the same vein as the offer from Richter above the Sunfire ‘Upsize Me’ offer allows you to pay for an 8” subwoofer and receive a 10” or pay for a 10” and receive a 12”. The offer applies to the SDS, HRS and XTE ranges. Again this offer represents excellent value.

This offer runs until the 31st of January.


Super Sub-Me: Get free upgrade to the next size subwoofer on selected models


Purchase an Akurate or Klimax LP12 turntable and receive a minimum of 10% of the purchase price as a trade-in on any existing turntable. This could be a great opportunity to trade up to the turntable of your dreams.

This offer runs until the 19th of January.



The ever popular SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker has been reduced to $249, a saving of $50, until December 31st . This is quite an extraordinary product – as one of our customers commented ‘Bose has redefined physics’ – if you have not heard the SoundLink Mini drop in, you will be impressed.


A constant favorite: SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker now just $249


HEOS is in the process of rolling out their second generation HS2 range of wireless streaming products, and to make way we can offer 20% off the HEOS3 and HEOS5 wireless speakers.

  • HEOS3 $425 Down from $529
  • HEOS5 $549 Down from $689

HEOS Savings: HEOS3 & HEOS5 are now reduced


NAD has recently released a new range, one that incorporates their sister company, Bluesound. We currently have their new C368 integrated amplifier with the optional Bluesound BluOS board installed for $1,999, a saving of $300. NAD amplifiers have an enviable reputation for high quality at realistic prices. Bluesound is one of the best streaming companies around. This paring makes a lot of sense, and offers great value.

The offer is valid until the 28th of February.


NAD C368: get one with the BluOS module and save $300


NAD’s sister company, Bluesound, has just released what they claim is the world’s first High Resolution soundbar – and who are we to argue. To help you get a taste of multi-room streaming we can now offer this new soundbar along with Bluesounds Pulse Flex wireless speaker for $2,299, as saving of $200.

This offer is valid until the 28th of February.


It take two: Pulse Soundbar + Pulse Flex Special Offer


Sonos is the undisputed market leader in wireless streaming products. Until Christmas you will save $50 on the Play:1 (now $249), the Play:3 ($499), Play:5 ($699), Playbar and the Sub (both now $949.) More here on Sonos product range and savings.


The gift of Sonos: Now $50 less on selected products


Spend $2,000 or more on selected B&W products and claim back a bonus product. These products include headphones, wireless speakers or speakers. On the subject of B&W they have also recently reduced the price of their P7 headphones from $ to $499 (fantastic value) plus added a wireless version of the P7 at $599 – also a bargain.


Gift with Purchase: get a free B&W gift when you spend over $2000


Buy a pair of Momentum headphones and you can claim back $75 for the on-ear version or $100 for the over-ear model.


Less money more momentum: Sennheiser’s headphone cashback offer

Project, Devialet, Tivoli and Oppo:

Spend $1,000 or more on any one of these brands and receive – via redemption – a Tivoli Audio Model One radio or a Project Elemental turntable (both valued at $299.)


Free source: get a one of these for free when you spend over $1000 on Project, Devialet, Tivoli and Oppo

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