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Award Winning Designs

We design and install award winning Home Theaters for less than you might expect. This particular one won 'Best Home Theater Installation for under $75,000 at the CEDIA Electronic Lifestyle Awards.

Taking Control

A typical audio/visual system can consist of a TV, PVR (Personal Video Recorder), Receiver, Foxtel/Tivo, Blu ray player, Gaming Console and a CD player. All have their own remotes, and in the majority of cases confusion reigns supreme.

One of the fastest product growing categories for Len Wallis Audio is control – the ability to integrate and control all of the above and more in an orderly fashion from a single hand-held or wall mounted device.

To do this you need two things. A learning remote which has proven to be reliable (you may be surprised at how rare this is) and the ability to design a program which is intuitive in its use so that even the least technically proficient of our clients can understand and use it. In the majority of cases the difference between a good and bad control system is the programming. Len Wallis Audio has a number of people who are proficient in this art, with two staff members working in this field full time.