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Award Winner.

This stunning installation was the winner of the 'Best Integrated Home - $150,000 - $300,000' at the CEDIA 2010 conference.


When Len Wallis Audio opened in the late 1970’s this was a relatively uncomplicated industry. Most systems consisted of nothing more than a turntable, receiver, a pair of speakers and possibly a tape deck. The truly adventurous ran a second pair of speakers into another room or out into the back yard.

Advancing technology and consistently lower costs have changed all of this. Today a considerable amount of our expertise lies in our ability to design and implement systems that comprise of both audio and visual components which are accessible from anywhere in your home, which can be networked, or may form part of a totally integrated and automated home.

The ‘custom industry’ covers a multitude of possibilities and technologies. It can mean something as simple as running a second pair of speakers into another room from your audio system. Increasingly it is encompassing far more complex projects where we are designing, installing and commissioning whole of house systems which include distributed audio and video, security, networking, telephony, which are integrated into a single control system.

Below we have showcased a selection of some of the projects that we have undertaken in recent years. We hope that these will serve as an inspiration for your own project, and highlight what is possible with the technology available to us today.

A brilliant architectural solution for the site, and subtle integration of a raft of technical gear

Two stunning beachside homes, one controlling the other, and both bristling with technology.

Future proofing is an over abused term, but this is as close as we can get to the real McCoy.

When the client approached us with plans, it was made very clear that the interior was going to be spectacular!

A project is filled with audio, video and control, including 52 speakers, six flat panels and a dedicated theatre.

A man's home is his castle, and we set this client up with indoor & outdoor entertainment - in style