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Award Winning Designs

We design and install award winning Home Theaters for less than you might expect. This particular one won 'Best Home Theater Installation for under $75,000 at the CEDIA Electronic Lifestyle Awards.

Cinema Sensation

Achieving a winning design for the Best Home Theatre installation for under 75 grand is not as simple as just throwing together some nice gear, plugging it in and hoping for the best. A proper integrated solution has to harmonise with the room, needs to performs correctly (and at it's maximum potential) and be reliable way for years to come. These are just some of the factors to consider when undertaking a quality Home Cinema Project such as this, 

This particular installation was part of a larger whole Home Automation project. Therefore, it was a part of long process that we were involved in for more than two years.
Like many successful ventures of this nature - it was a strong collaborative partnership that involved the Len Wallis Audio team, architect, builder and client. This was a thoroughly considered approach which allowed plenty of time to plan ahead and make sure there were no surprises.

The screen dimensions, speakers and seating were designed based on THX recommendations, with correct viewing angles, speaker locations, etc., all well planned with no major issues along the way.
There were some specific challenges to overcome such as mounting the projector in a way so that it would be aesthetically pleasing and not intrude on the overall room décor.

Much great consideration was also given to the cooling system and at the same time installing the projector in an enclosed space. It was helpful that we had a great relationship with the builder to help overcome this challenge.

Details, details, details….so what did we do?
The room size was approximately 60 square meters. This Audio and Video professionally calibrated 7.2 Home Cinema has been designed to achieve excellent dynamics and accurate audio reproduction.
We used a multi-channel Marantz pre-amplifier/processor and a 190 x 7 watts Elektra7 HD power amplifier. The Focal IW1003Bee (25 – 240w) front in-wall reference speaker is an alternative to high end traditional speakers; please see their specifications in documentation attached for more detail. Also, 4 x surround Focal IW1002 were installed 2 feet above the head of the listener.

Seating position was calculated to have the right distance/angle from the screen. Bass traps panels at the two front corners help with the bass resonances. Also the room has been acoustically treated with acoustic panels and professionally calibrated.
Featured Equipment (supplied & installed by your company)

And what gear did we use? 
Audio Visual –
1 x VPLVW500ES Sony 4K Video Projector
1 x 5714043 ScreenTechnics 140" Cinemascope Perforated Screen w/Side Masking
1 x AV7701 Marantz A/V Preamplifier
1 x Elektra HD Elektra Multichannel Power Amplifier
2 x IW1002S Focal Electra In-Wall Speaker (pair) - Surround Speakers
1.5 x IW1003Be Focal Electra In-Wall Speaker (pair) - Front LCR Speakers
2 x SDS12 Sunfire 12" Powered Subwoofer
1 x HCX1010 Savant HDMI Over CAT5/6 Extender

Acoustic Treatment –
4 x Cinema Round Premium Vicoustic Acoustic Panels - 8 pack Note
3 x Super Bass Extreme Vicoustic Bass Trap - 2pack
5 x FlexiGlue Vicoustic Flexi Glue 1 Per Carton


Control System –
1 x SSC-0008 Savant 8 Port Controller via iPad 

Lighting –
1 x StarLight60tw Starlight ceiling feature 60 lights with random twinkling