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We design and install award winning Home Theaters for less than you might expect. This particular one won 'Best Home Theater Installation for under $75,000 at the CEDIA Electronic Lifestyle Awards.

Smart Elegance Redefined

Preserving the look and feel
This home presented unique environment and design aesthetics to consider, combining elements of antique, Persian influences, minimal and industrial aspects that created an inviting and exquisite space that surprises with a feeling of warmth, elegance and engagement.

The entertainment and smart control technology installed is extensive but key to this was for it to be as unobtrusive as possible and not impact on this overall design atheistic in the living or functional spaces.Therefore the vast majority of the systems are hidden from view, so much so that anyone visiting without prior knowledge of the installation would have no idea of the work involved.

This was makes a truly successful installation – one that performs extremely well to the point where people are not even aware of the how it all works. It is simply a seamless experience.
Indeed part of the scope of the design and consultation with the client revealed that the client envisaged a very unique installation, with a modern industrial style of finish. To this end, a lot of minimalistic choices would be made to ensure that the final outcome suited the styling of the house.

Smart intergration that’s as functional as it is future proof.

There were five TV screens throughout the house and this was the most visual aspect of the level of technology installed. Almost every other item was concealed,

from the stealth speakers to the head end equipment. There were a couple of visible outdoor speakers and three intercom panels. A wall mounted iPad in the walk in robe served as a main fixed control point.

The TV’s systems in the house all connected back to the Central Distribution Point (CDP) in the living area. This CDP was a rack, which housed all the AV equipment with minimal space to spare, so adequate ventilation and strict installation policy had to be adhered to. Each display had a local breakout box, hidden behind the TV, which carried the video and control aspects from the CDP to the TV.

Wireless access points also existed in concealed locations within the house. The house needed extremely high quality networking, as a large number of the components would rely on this aspect. ARuckus wireless controller was utilised in conjunction with the access points to ensure that communications were optimised at all times.

Control was handled by Savant iPad and iPhone applications, connecting via the Wi-Fi to the CDP where the Savant Host was located. Wi-Fi also worked in with the telephone system, so the majority of calls could be routed from the incoming line, via the Savant PBX, and were able to be answered directly from a convenient iOS device.

Fixed and cordless telephone handsets were supplied as part of the system as well to ensure options were available should the phone ring and a personal device not available. In addition C-Bus lighting handles a large number of lighting scenes with timers available to set more economical time of day use if the client wishes to do so. The house had to blend industrial with invisible and products that did not meet one criterion would need to meet the other.

The client loves the ability to control practically any aspect of the smart installation with the iPhone, including lighting, audio visual, CCTV, intercom and the ability to make phone calls. All of this was achieved while the vast majority of the system remains hidden.


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