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We just won 'Best Home Theatre Installation for under $75,000 at the CEDIA 2014 Electronic Lifestyle Awards.



       Installing a Home Computer Network is no longer only necessary if you intend to have multiple computers in the home. For many years A/V components have incorporated micro-processors, and now these components are also becoming networkable. Blu ray players carry a function called BD Live where information relating to the movie is accessed on-line. Flat screen TV’s and DVD recorders can access online content. Apple TV and streaming products such as Sonos opens up access to a vast store of online content. In fact the days of listening to a CD or watching DVD’s are limited – soon most of our listening and video watching will be done on-line. For this to be possible you will need a very robust network system, preferably hard wired, and extending to any area of the home where you feel you will want to access you entertainment, either now or in the future.

      The obvious time to install a network, or at least the cable necessary to install a network at a later time, is when your home is being built or renovated. Retro fits are very messy, very expensive, and in many cases, incomplete due to restrictions imposed by existing structures.

     Don’t be fooled into thinking that Wi-Fi is going to be the answer here. As we progress with more sources that demand internet access the limited bandwidth of Wi-Fi will quickly reach its limitations.

     There is no substitute for cable.