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The Showroom

Our showroom is regarded by many, local and international, as one of the finest facilities of it's kind in the world. It features 8 sound-lounge/theatres, on-site service and on-site parking (under shop).

Ask the Expert

Despite our best intentions there is always the chance that under showroom conditions we may not ask all the right questions, and as a result we may make suggestions that maybe do not suit your particular needs. This can also be compounded by the fact that you understandably may not know what questions need to be asked. It is also possible that time restraints and distance may make a trip to our showroom difficult.

In this section we work through the variables which determine the best combination of items to meet your specific needs. This will allow us to formulate a solution suited to your requirements in an unhurried and unpressured manner. Your answers to the following questions will be most helpful in coming to a recommendation.

Once you have answered these questions we will then suggest a solution for you. You can then make a time to drop into the showroom where we can have the system assembled waiting for your audition. Following this audition it is then possible to make further alterations to the system until we arrive at the perfect combination.

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Décor Aspects

In this section give us any thoughts you have about what you want to achieve and how you want the finished system to present and operate.