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Special Secondhand Naim System

A very special system from Naim.  

We have been fortunate to have come into possession of a very rare and exclusive Naim Component Package. We don't see this calibre of system very often as a 
complete system in '2nd hand' which is why we have made this special page so we can list out the various components. Importantly you can view the system in as it was originally configured. 

Naim NDS streamer with 555 PSU. This is the absolute top of the line streamer option and together the retail price is $29,250.00.

Naim 552 Pre amp and 552PSU. This is the second best pre amp - Second only to the statement. This Retails for $38,500.00.

Naim NAP500dr power amp with NAP500PSU. This is the second best power amp - second only to the statement. This Retails for $40,250.00.

Wel signature Naim DIN to DIN. This was custom made by Audio Quest in the US and links the NDS to the 552 pre amp.
Retail price $11,300.00.

Wel Signature Naim DIN to XLR. Again custom made for the pre amp to the power amp. Retails for $11,300.00

Total replacement value of this system comes to more than $130,000

Your can purchase the complete system stack from us for $80,000 with all the components including the cables as listed above. 

Options on spliting the system: 
> Pre / Pow / Wel din-XLR. $55,000.00
Please note that we are not willing to split the pre amplifier & power amplifier at this stage and we do not want to sell this combo without the wel cable.

For more information please contact us on 02 9427 6755 or visit us in the showroom.