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Len Wallis Audio respects your privacy, and we are committed to supporting the principles laid out in the Privacy Act of 1988, and its subsequent amendments.

For various reasons in the course of day-to-day business we will collect private information on individuals that we come in contact with. This information will generally include name, address, gender and contact details such as phone, email or fax numbers.

This information may be gathered via a number of methods, for example in person, over the phone, written correspondence or via the website. Any information collected will be on a voluntary basis by the individual concerned.

Any information gathered will only be used in the daily running of this business, and for the following reasons:

  • To provide you with information via newsletters, including those delivered via email (on request only) or via post.
  • To assist you in using the products and services that you have received from Len Wallis Audio.
  • To track warranty details for products that you have received from Len Wallis Audio.
  • To advise you of software or firmware upgrades for the products that you have received from Len Wallis Audio.
  • Receiving services from you or the company you are employed by.

During the course of business it may be necessary to disclose this information with:

  • Other companies within the Len Wallis Audio group.
  • Third parties where the information is crucial to carry out services on your behalf, i.e. the disclosure of purchase details for the support of warranty claims.
  • Professional advisors, e.g. lawyers or auditors.
  • Government or regulatory bodies where required by law.
    Under these conditions Len Wallis Audio will attempt to ensure that this information is used only for the purposes for which it was intended.

Len Wallis Audio uses the services of independent contractors. In these instances only the amount of personal information necessary for the contractor to carry out their role will be passed on.

Len Wallis Audio will ensure to the best of our ability that the information stored is accurate. We will also ensure that once this information is no longer required that it is destroyed.