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If you're looking for a great HiFi Accessory, you'll find them at Len Wallis Audio. We have Cables, interconnectors, turntable parts, speaker stands and much more.  
Irrespective of the type or quality of Hi-Fi or A/V system you own there will be a large quantity of accessories that
you will be able to add to that system, or use to maintain it or the discs you play.

Many are designed to improve the performance of your system, some are designed to make life just that little bit
easier. The common trait is that most are inexpensive ways to upgrade your listening pleasure.

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Recently added accessories.


The next Milestone
With the HE 1, Sennheiser has created another milestone in the search for the ultimate sound experience....

RRP $81,400

Adaptive noise cancellation
The Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless turns every journey into a first-class experience.

RRP $399 Was $629

Magic Record Slipmat
There is some serious magic going on behind this product that will improve your sound of your records...

RRP $165