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Cables & Interconnects

This category is ever-changing and contains a multitude of possibilities. Speaker cables, analogue audio interconnects, digital interconnects and so on. We cannot possibly list all of them, so this will be used to highlight anything very special.

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Make the connection
Push the sonic and visual performance of your modern device to new levels with this quality cable.

From $150 for 1.0M

The ultimate network cable
Made with all Audioquest's attention to detail and performance aspects

$1400 for the 1.5m

High Quality Connections
Excellent quality cable now available with Apple’s® Lightning™ connector (as used on all recent iOS devices).

RRP $85

Precisely what you need
QED Profile Precision Audio Cables are well made for the right price!

from $40

Speaker & Interconnect Leads
Quality products, value for money


for audio and video
A wide range of types and sizes, all constructed to a high standard

from $79

Revolutionary speaker cable
Details preserved while avoiding harsh or overly bright sound

from $30/m