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Digital-To-Analogue Converters (DAC) have been around since the CD Player was young, and are having something of a renaissance.
There are now some with multiple inputs including USB, so they are becoming more and more useful in the digital age.

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The Next Generation
The new Dragonfly Black is now also compatible with Apple and Android Mobile Smart Devices.

RRP $160

Mobile music enhancement
Get beautifully improved musical performance from mobile devices and computers.

RRP $320

Recommended by the experts
The Ultra-high end DAC that all the USA audiophiles working with hi-res 192k files want to use

RRP $6,995

the best USB interface
A breakthrough product that overcomes the limitations of the USB Interface, a state-of-the-art device ...

RRP $3,495

A DAC from the future
Chord's most advanced DAC to date

RRP $17,800

Compact standalone DAC
There are two award-winning HUGO products combined into one in this revolutionary device.

RRP $2,399

Smartphone? Just add Mojo
British-built headphone amp and DAC delivers studio sound quality from any headphone via your smart device.

RRP $899

A new level of portable
A portable headphone amp/DAC as well as a reference-level standalone DAC.

RRP $3,000

Reference DAC
High end DAC will surprise and delight with it's talents.

RRP $6,800

Future proofed DAC
The first standalone DAC from Krell in over 20 years, and it’s certainly been worth the wait.

RRP $8,795

Better sound at your fingertips
Explorer2 replaces your computer’s sound card to drive anything...

RRP $479

Upsampling DSD DAC
True audiophile performance in a compact size...

RRP $1,499

Quality ingredients
A small, inexpensive, but state-of-the-art 192kHz DAC

RRP $449

USB, Optical & Coaxial Inputs
From the maker of the M51 DAC

RRP $559 Was $699

High Class, 10 Inputs!
take advantage of its superior conversion quality for a whole stack of sources.

RRP $4,950

Versatile and powerful
Combines multiple inputs with pre-amp and headphone amp. Best DAC in its price range - What*HIFI.

RRP $2,800

Class A+ rated
A remarkable DAC that is pure DSD in operation, handling both high resolution PCM and DSD.

RRP $8,295

A good thing in a small package
An affordable high-end digital to analog processor that accepts inputs from any digital source.

Special Offer $1435 Was $1,795