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There has been a distinct return to headphones over the last few years. This has been driven by a number of factors. The introduction of noise cancelling phones for use on flights or in noisy environments, the fact that cordless phones now perform exceptionally well (and that they actually work), plus the fact that many manufacturers have poured some real R&D into the technology and have come up with some extremely high performance models.

We carry a comprehensive range of headphones, both dynamic and electrostatic.


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In-ear Noise Cancelling
Small, effective, and with added controls

RRP $399

Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones
Enjoy crisp, powerful sound – and quiet that lets you hear your music better.

RRP $399

P5 performance, no wires.
P5 Wireless with aptX Bluetooth sets a new standard for audio quality and convenience.

RRP $449

Premium Product
Revered by music lovers and professionals. Remarkable frequency range and musical resolution.

RRP $349 Was $449

Perfect sound without wires
Advanced acoustic tech with aptX™ Bluetooth® connectivity to deliver a seamless audio & 17 hour battery life.

RRP $399 Was $529

Luxurious innovation
Raising the bar for performance and luxury in a mobile headphone...

RRP $1,399

Noise cancelling wireless
"The finest wireless, noise-cancelling headphones you can buy." TrustedReviews

RRP $549

Studio Monitor Quality
Comfortable, accurate, wide frequency response

RRP $425

A favourite from way back
The acclaimed Koss Porta Pro has set performance and comfort standards for personal listening worldwide.

RRP $90

Full Size Headphones
New Koss PLX40 dynamic element, tuned specifically for personal listening

RRP $199

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
Bluetooth® hardware and software integrated with aptX® codec technology

RRP $299

Hear the smallest detail
Characterized by its natural, dynamic, and engaging sound quality with an emphasis on comfort and reduced weight.

RRP $1,099

Style and portability
True audiophile performance, elegant styling, noise isolation and portability...

RRP $599

Planar Magnetic Technology
A contender for Best Headphone under $2000

RRP $1,699

Adaptive noise cancellation
The Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless turns every journey into a first-class experience.


Crafted for perfection
Using the largest transducers ever, these provide an unmatched natural listening experience.

RRP $1,999

Peak performance
Sennheiser's new MOMENTUM - Closed circumaural headset offering optimum noise isolation and comfort.

RRP $799

The wireless choice for serious listeners.
Headphone system with manual level control for precise sound reproduction.

RRP $599