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Koss - Porta Pro KTC


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The Porta Pro headphone is one of those enduring standards of excellence in our industry, a lightweight portable headphone that delivers amazing sound, packs up into a small bag, and is easily run from things like iPhones and iPods. Koss have issued an updated version of the Porta Pro, adding a control module which allows you to control the models listed below with Play, Pause, Volume, and microphone where applicable. The Porta Pro KTC ($129) otherwise looks just like the standard model, with its expandable metal-strip headband, side cushions and foam-covered earpieces, which can easily be re-covered when the foam wears out. It comes with a soft carry bag.

Compatible with: iPhone 3GS and 4, iTouch 2nd Gen and later, Nano 4th gen, iPod Classic 120gb, 160gb, iPad and iPad2, Shuffle 3rd gen and later.

Koss are also famous for their limited lifetime warranty, which covers all sorts of breakages and malfunctions – one of the best back-up services we have seen. If you haven’t heard these, come in for a demo – they are still, after many years in similar form, an amazing product.

Note: the standard version is now $89.95, while any of the black boxed Anniversary Edition remaining are $139.


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