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Phono Cartridges

An essential item for turntables, and an item that can be upgraded for improved performance. There are two broad categories: Moving Magnet (MM), the more common type, and Moving Coil (MC) which are lower in output but yield finer detail. The styli in these cartridges also vary in shape, with the more refined shapes offering better information retrieval.

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An industry standard
Ideal replacement unit for many turntables

RRP $60

MM with Conical Stylus
An excellent general replacement

RRP $200

MM with elliptical stylus
A good step up from the basic conical stylus designs

RRP $300

MM with shibata
has a Shibata stylus, which is shaped to fit closely the groove of the LP

RRP $400

with Elliptical Diamond
An ideal replacement for a wide range of turntables, delivering enhanced performance over and above the basic conical styli models.

RRP $299

Internal Mods Add Quality
Improved cantilever and magnetic components give better results

RRP $349

With Fine Line Diamond
A cartridge with superior clarity and tracking ability

RRP $599

Further upgrades incorporated
In addition to the Vital Diamond and tapered cantilever, a metal body

RRP $799

A quality item
For use on the finest turntables when quality matters most.

RRP $999

Faithful and accurate reproduction
A cutting edge product in both design and engineering.

RRP $949

Nude Elliptical
More dynamics and resolution, more open and reproduces more details...

RRP $329

Plug and Play Solution
2M Red is an all-purpose cartridge that delivers open, dynamic sound with a slight touch of warmth

RRP $169

Moving Magnet
Suit Rega Planar 1

RRP $125

MM, elliptical
Meticulously hand assembled to the highest standard by Rega's highly trained technicians

RRP $250

"Fine Line Vital"
high quality MM cartridge

RRP $550

For 78 rpm only
Larger radius stylus

RRP $125