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Inakustik - Excellence MSR

$20 per meter

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This cable is available to be cut to your required length. It does not include connectors. We can install a range of connectors to custom length cable to suit your system. Contact us for more information. 

The Excellence speaker cables MSR use the legendary MSR®-technology (magnetic current reflector). The basis for this is the so-called proximity effect in which adjacent conductors cause an uneven distribution of the electric current. Basis of the patented MSR®-technology is a fine copper strip placed between the conductors which reduces the proximity effect of the two conductors.

Key features
2 x 6.0mm internal 
MSR technology
Pure grade (oxygen free copper)
Finest stranded (strand diameter 0,07mm)
1302/2100/3150 strands
Highly flexible

Buying cable, what's important? 

No cable can actually improve the sound or picture on an AV system. A good cable is not the one that gets the most out of a system, but the one that loses the least!


Often, the potential of an expensively purchased system is wasted because of unsuitable cables. The cables supplied work, but their susceptibility to interference, inadequate material properties and small cross-sections mean that signals suffer losses during transmission. Even with bad tyres, a Ferrari will get you from A to B, but you won’t be getting the performance it is capable of.


In poorly insulated cables, the copper oxidises and loses conductivity. If you look at copper guttering, you can see how environmental effects (such as air humidity) act on unprotected copper and cause corrosion. As well as this, high-quality insulating material prevents unwanted capacitance.


Cables function as aerials and “mop up” interference. You will be familiar with this from the buzzing that mobile phones cause from loudspeakers. Effective, multi-layer shielding counteracts this.

Products often come with copper-coated aluminium wires, or conductors manufactured from impure, recycled copper, which significantly reduces the conductivity. For a smooth signal flow, it is important to use very pure, oxygen-free copper (OFC) with a high conductivity rating.

The higher the cross-section, the lower the resistance of the conductor and therefore the better the signal flow. This is comparable to a thick fire hose, which allows much more water to flow through it than an ordinary garden hose.


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