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Tweaks are modifications, add-ons or sometimes mysterious substances which, if applied in just the right way, yield an improvement - or at least a difference. In any event, the world of tweaks is part of the hifi scene, part of that ongoing quest for sonic satisfaction. They quite regularly provide cost-effective improvements, hence our fascination with them.

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Improve LP sound
Keep the LP firmly pressed down on the platter

RRP $80

Reduce the jitters!
Reduce noise and ringing from data and power lines via USB

RRP $79

No buzz
For optimum damping of vibration between the devices...

RRP $139

Reduce vibration
Solid sub-frequency absorber for linking devices and speakers...

RRP $69

Damping vibration
Optimum vibration damping between the devices...

RRP $69

Treat your vinyl right
Protect your vinyl with some new slip covers and be rid of dusty crackles for good!

RRP $59

Test it right
Sounds to test your system and set-up configuration

RRP $40

Perfect suspension
Keep the cables at a distance to the floor to reduces unwanted capacitances effects on the electronics.

Set of 10 Bases $599

Improve sound quality
Provides improved sound clarity and openness for a variety of different floor standing speakers.

$995 for a set of four

Magic Record Slipmat
There is some serious magic going on behind this product that will improve your sound of your records...

RRP $165

A tweak that works
Tired of audio tweaks that don't work? Put some constrained layer damping into your audio system.

RRP $99

Static Neutraliser for LP
Part of the armoury of LP users decades ago, disappeared off the market. It's back!

RRP $150

Tweak your turn-table
Improve the sound of your turntable with a Cork Platter mat from Pro-Ject

RRP $29

Top turntable tweak
Helping you allow for optimum cartridge performance and preservation of your vinyl records.

RRP $149

No mean feet!
Replace or add to existing feet to conquer the fuzziness vibes cause.

$39.95 (set of four)