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Les Davis Audio - 33 1/3 D Record Slipmat


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 Say hello to Les Davis Audio's high performance record slipmat, known simply as the 33-1/3D.

This product uses the same visoelestic technology as the Les Davis 3D(2) damping discs. The mat is designed to place what Les calls 'a constrained layer vibration control' at the most critical of junctions. The interface between the vinyl disc, the record platter and the stylus.

What this effectively does is dampen all the vibrations and oscillations from the turntable motor, the drive staff into the turntable, the sonic or harmonic vibrations within the turntable chasis AND even externally from the environment that the record is playing in. Room frequencies that are barely detectible to the touch or ear but can combine to effect the playback of your records. 

33-1/3 D gives the stylus a platform to retrieve only the good vibrations. The vibrations from record groove itself allowing for a music experience that pure and revealing all of the additional music that you may not have been hearing! 

Using the 33 1/3D you can expect the following results.
> Totally immersive sound stage
> Greater detail
> Coherent musical timing
> Sharper focus on instrumentation and vocal 
> Great Dynamic range

Fully experience the music hidden in the groove with the Les Davis Audio 33 1/3 High performance Record Slipmat! 

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