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Plessis - Plessis Spikes

$15 each

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The Plessis spikes can be used under just about any audio equipment you want to benefit from their isolation action. The improvement in sound from players, amplifiers and speakers have been noted by audiophiles for many years, but getting a high quality metal spike of this type at the right price has been a problem.

They are stainless steel, 32mm diameter, with gold plating. If you require it, each can have a protective disc to go underneath and prevent damage to floors or cabinet bench tops, at an additional $10 each for the matching discs. The matching discs can also be bought separately to go with your existing spikes, as the case may be.

Typically you can use three of these under each piece of equipment, and they are then self-levelling, but there's no problem using four if you prefer. Isolation spikes are known for their uncanny ability to reduce distortion which it is surmised comes about through mechanical and even electrically generated vibrations in players and amplifiers. Speakers are full of vibrations, of course, and dissipation of these through a good set of spikes will help clarify the output at that stage of the process as well.

At this price level you can afford to use lots of them!



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