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The amplifier forms the heart or engine room of any system, and can take many forms. Integrated stereo amp, receiver, Audio Visual receiver, power amplifier etc.

It is important to remember that an amplifier is much more than a simple switching device. It has a real and very definite impact on the performance of your system. Poor quality amplifiers can sound thin, lack any attack and dynamics and are uninvolving.

While it is reasonable to expect that the better the amplifier, the more it will cost, there have been a number of companies, NAD for example, who have shown that you can buy a quality amplifier on a budget.

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Recently added Amplifiers


More inputs Improved Internals
New M6si integrated amplifier improves on the outgoing model with more inputs and completely new internals to give greatly improved technical and sonic performance.

RRP $4,695

Great sound and value for money.
More inputs, increased power and virtual monobloc power amps with their own separate power supply capacitance add up to a great new product.

RRP $2,195

World Class AV Receiver
Precise, detailed and natural. A high performance 7.1 channel unit with Audiophile-like sound quality...

RRP $1,699 Was $3,499