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Headphone Amp

 Headphones are again very popular, particularly at the quality end. If you really want to get the best out of your phones the addition of a dedicated headphone amplifier is the answer. In most cases the headphone section of your existing amplifier is average at best (although there are a small number of exceptions to this – possibly the best example being Peachtree).

The difference a good dedicated headphone amplifier can make is obvious, once you have had the opportunity to experience it.

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Superb value, Hi-res
analogue or digital USB inputs

RRP $399

Superb headphone amplifier
Enjoy fully balanced performance with this outstanding headphone amplifier.

RRP $1,299

Class A Amplifier/DAC
Discrete Class A Balanced Headphone Amplifier, Asynchronous USB DAC Up to 384 kHz and DSD256...

RRP $1,799

Made for you
Discover an immersive audio experience with Peachtree's new Shift...

RRP $399 Was $529

Digital Headphone Amplifier
A premium amplifier and DAC combination for use with high-end headphones.

RRP $2,399