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Integrated Amplifier

The integrated amplifier is the most common of the amplifier genres. It serves as a device to connect all of your source components (CD player, tuner etc), and then amplifies that low level source to a level loud enough to drive a pair of speakers. Amplifiers vary enormously in quality; from the very basic to some very high performance units at times equaling or bettering the more highly regarded pre and power amplifier options.

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The ultimate audiophile system
Expert Pro is the ultimate audiophile system, for the most discerning of music lovers.

RRP $25,900

Beyond expectations
Be prepared to enter a new world of amplification with major technological innovations and stunning performance...

RRP $9,990

'World’s best performance'
The Devialet Pro Expert 220 is a remarkable piece of technology that redefines the amplifier.

RRP $13,900

Quality without compromise
An exceptional 200-watt-per channel, integrated amplifier and a Class A pre-amplifier.

RRP $7,995

Superb quality
Superb sound from your favorite analog and digital sources with the Marantz PM7005 integrated stereo amplifier.

RRP $1,990

High level enjoyment
Destined for greatness the PM6006 is an upgraded successor of the multi-award-winning PM6005.

RRP $1,090

Affordable audiophile design
All-analog circuitry from input to output, wide frequency response, high dynamic range along with true low impedance.

RRP $710

Special Edition
The new 14 Series Special Edition thrusts the audio experience to new levels...

RRP $5,490

Integrated excellence
With a fully discrete current feedback design, perfect for music lovers wanting both excellent music quality and flexible operation.

RRP $2,650

Exceptional sonic performance
The M5si is an accomplished integrated amplifier with performance in spades...

RRP $2,995

Technological Tour de force
Tomorrows integrated amplifier available today that combines compact high-end performance and beautiful design language.

RRP $9,995

Diminutive dynamo
a 20w x 2 channel integrated with digital inputs

RRP $399 Was $499

Great sound and value
More inputs, increased power and virtual monobloc power amps with their own separate power supply.

RRP $1,995

Improved Internals
New M6si integrated amplifier improves on the outgoing model with more inputs and completely new internals.

RRP $3,995

Power Clarity Finesse
Superlative sound quality, huge power reserves, exceptional technical performance and finely engineered.

RRP $12,995

Ideal stereo starter kit
class-leading specs for noise, distortion, power, stereo separation and volume

RRP $599

Unprecedented flexibility
Cleverly ties together critical elements of a top performing music system; music sources past and present.

RRP $999

Reimagined Integration
The Next Generation of audiophile integrated amp is here and it's never done so many things so well!

RRP $2,599