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The S1 Integrated amplifier has had very favourable reviews and will appeal to music lovers as a specialist stereo amp that concentrates on musical quality rather than features. It has four line level inputs, a volume control, source selector, and precious little else, unless you count the equally minimalist remote. What it does have in spades is good honest audio quality. This is an amplifier that you would put with any reasonably efficient pair of hifi speakers in order to get lively and truthful sound - the sort of sound we are all after, but don't necessarily have unlimited funds to expend to get it. At this price the S1 is an affordable boutique audio amplifier. An audition is strongly recommended.

Peter Familari in the Melbourne Herald-Sun reviewed it in these terms:

"While it may look like a plain vanilla stereo integrated amplifier, without even a couple of meters on the facia it's filled with audophile-quality military-grade components. Good housekeeping is evident throughout the circuit and extends to the hefty ceramic-encased power supply that is kept separate from the printed circuit board and preamp stages to prevent interference. It has plenty of grunt and is said to put out 80 watts a channel into speakers presenting a nominal 8 Ohm load and 130 watts a channel for those that average 4 Ohms."


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