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Musical Fidelity - V90-AMP

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 An entirely new capability in the V90 series is this little 20w x 2 stereo amplifier. As well as the 3.5mm line level input  that does optical digital too, there’s  a USB input. MF have included a DAC onboard which can handle 24bit/48kHz signals, and it’s asynchronous which makes it ideal to take a USB feed from a computer. It will re-clock the incoming data and reconstruct the music to a high degree of accuracy.

Source selection is automatic. If the USB has no data stream active, the source switches to the analogue/optical, and it next looks for an optical feed, such as that from any Apple Airport which might be connected. Failing that it will take the analogue input.

On the back panel there is a 12v outlet for future use with other Musical Fidelity devices. There's a switch which allows the volume control to be switched off, so the amplifier then performs as a power amplifier, with volume control to be exercised by the inputting source. The volume control is also the on/off switch: push to turn the amp on or off.

The V90-AMP is for use anywhere good musical quality is required to be delivered with space saving as a priority. It’s perfect for computer sound, and can be used with a variety of speakers provided they are fairly efficient. 


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