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Musical Fidelity - V-LPS II


When the original V-series was conceived, the design brief was to minimize costs while maximizing performance. Costs were kept under control by a number of approaches. The casework was minimalist in both size and finish, and there were no “front panels” as such, each case having connections at both ends, usually “in” one end and “out” the other. As a rule, these are items you don’t have to even see once they are installed, so the front panels are not that important. Internally, all PCBs were reduced in size and therefore production cost, but used technologies developed by Musical Fidelity for their high-end products.
At the low resulting prices the V-series have been very popular, and are now going into their MkII or reissue phase. There are improvements in performance wherever possible, and a cosmetic upgrade as well. All the cases will from now on be in silver brushed metal instead of the matte black of the first ones.
The V-LPS MkII steps up phono cartridge output for either Moving Coil (MC) or Moving Magnet (MM) cartridges to line level so that your turntable will not only sound better but it can be connected to any input on the increasing number of amplifiers which do not include a phono stage.

This is what Musical Fidelity say about it:

It is technically correct. It has virtually perfect RIAA (0.3dB 20Hz - 20kHz), extremely low distortion, wide overload margin and very low noise. By every measure it is top quality. We achieve this by putting our kW Series phono stage circuitry into a package which is extremely economical.



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