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Power Amplifier

Where a conventional amplifier consists of two parts, the low-level switching section and the amplification section, both housed in the one box, aseparate power-amplifier is the amplification or muscle portion of this combination, housed in its own chassis.

There are numerous reasons and advantages for buying a separate power amp, for example:  

> It will by necessity have its own dedicated power supplies instead of sharing one with the pre-amp stage.
> The power amplifier can create low level noise, which in turn can affect the performance of the pre-amp. A separate chassis helps to isolate this.
> Some companies are renowned for their power amplifiers, and others are great at pre-amps. This way you can have the best of both worlds.

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Krell iBias Technology
Unmatched performance, elegant design, and a compelling array of features.

$39,990 per pair

Join the A Class
Class A designs are the most musically accurate circuit topology available.

RRP $16,995

ideal match for AV7701
Hear your soundtracks come to life as never before ...

RRP $2,290

Power any system
Fully balanced and offers a staggering 700 watts per monobloc - stellar sound quality included.

RRP $12,995

Dual Mono Construction
50w x 2 in a 207mm compact chassis

RRP $1,825

Iconic state of art
Something that will still be relevant ten years from now and that is built to last a lifetime.

RRP $4,455

Engineering marvel
A power amplifier that sets a new benchmark in high-performance audio in it's class

RRP $3,295

11 Channel Power
Match with the pre/processor CX-A5000

RRP $3,899