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Krell - 900e

33999 each







The Evolution 900e is the most powerful member of the Evolution Series. At a staggering 3,600 watts into a 2 Ohm load, the Evolution 900e is a virtually limitless source of power for any speaker. This power capability is coupled to a new green operating mode that reduces standby electrical draw to a mere 2 Watts. While power is essential for lifelike volume levels and realistic dynamics, the true benefit of this engine is its ability to dominate a speaker and extract the ultimate performance from any speaker design. Dedicating one amplifier per speaker is the recognized best path to ultimate performance. The Evolution 900e is equipped with two 3,000 VA transformers and 108,000 mF. This power source is the backbone for the output of the Evolution 900e. With this foundation, the Evolution 900 delivers 900 watts into 8 Ohms, 1,800 watts into 4 Ohms, and 3,600 watts into 2 Ohms. The FTC mandates that power ratings are quoted using a 1,000 Hz sine wave into a fixed 8 Ohm resistor with final power specification stated at 1% distortion. Krell engineering considers this specification too lenient and not indicative of what an amplifier is required to provide. Krell designs to a much stricter standard. Our power tests use a 20-20,000Hz signal into 8, 4, and 2 Ohm loads with our final specifications stated for .1% distortion. Internal high-current line conditioning circuitry effectively blocks RF noise entering via the AC line and compensates for any asymmetry or DC offset in the power waveforms. The amplifiers' low level and gain stages are powered via multi regulated rails that provide total immunity from supply fluctuations and assure noise-free circuit operation.







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