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Electrocompaniet - AW400 Nada


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Ever since the early days, when in 1976 the Audio Critic magazine proclaimed the Electrocompaniet to be “the world’s best sounding amplifier”, the company has maintained a reputation for peerless audio performance combined with understated, timeless classic presentation. Their gold-on-black lettering, glass faceplates and the rune-like ‘E’ are instantly recognizable.

Over the thirty-five years since that auspicious beginning, Electrocompaniet’s range of products has grown to include some massive power amplifiers, beguiling CD and SACD players, and there’s even a DAB+/FM Tuner on the way. Integrated amplifiers are also well represented and make it possible for you to start into true high fidelity audio. But at the top of their range are some truly awesome power amplifiers and pre-amplifiers.
The Electrocompaniet AW400 is a powerful mono amplifier, with a characteristic fast and clean sound. The poweramplifier is analytic, and build for dynamic reproduction for low level as well as high level playback.The AW400 power amplifier is based on the design philosophy of the highly acclaimed AW180 M monaural power amplifier.
It incorporates such refined features as: FTT (Floating Transformer Technology) power supply, capable of delivering twice the current of a conventional power supply. First class overall circuit design and state-of-the-art components. Uncompromising sonic and mechanical quality.
A 650 VA FTT transformer and a current reservoir of 150.000uF delivers 400 W of clean and powerful dynamics into an 8 Ohms load. Just like the rest of our power amplifiers, the AW 400 is stable down to 0,5 Ohms. The AW 400 features a balanced link to additional amplifier(s) for bi-amping. A pair can then be used in bridged mode, delivering up to four times the power.


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