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Owning a dedicated pre-amplifier usually means that you are very serious about your music. A conventional amplifier consists of two parts, the low-level switching section and the power section, both housed in the one box.

A separate pre-amplifier is the switching portion of this amplifier, housed in its own chassis.

There are numerous reasons for buying a separate pre-amp:


1) It will by necessity have its own power supply instead of sharing one with the power sapping power-amp stage.

2) The power amplifier can create low level noise, which in turn can affect the performance of the pre-amp. A separate chassis helps to isolate this.

3) Some companies are renowned for their pre-amp stages, and others are great at power amplification. This way you can have the best of both worlds.



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Highly sophisticated
The Illusion pre-amplifier is the ideal match for the new Solo 375 and Solo 575 power amplifiers.

RRP $29,495

For the future
This is the direct digital pre-amplifier that's built for the future.

RRP $6,999

One of the best
Used by Industry experts, reviewers, and speaker manufacturers as their personal reference...

RRP $2,775

Fully Featured
The Stellar Gain Cell DAC is a complete analog control center with an exceptional performing DAC at its heart...

RRP $2,595