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Peachtree - Nova Pre

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While having a lower build standard than the Grand Pre, the Nova Pre still uses an exceptionally good DAC in the ESS Sabre 9023, handling signals via optical up to 24/96, and via either the coaxial or its asynchronous USB connection at up to 24/192 standard. The switchable tube stage (6N1P) in the pre-amp (or headphone amp) circuit enhances audio quality from all sources, but can be bypassed if you prefer the solid state sound signature.
The Nova Pre can be teamed up with the 220 Power or any other power amplifier you choose to use. Having it available as a separate component enables the flexibility to mix and match while preserving the benefits of the Peachtree approach to digital audio.
Inputs include Optical, 2 x Coaxial, Asynchronous USB, and one analogue AUX. There are two analogue pre-outs to connect to one or two power amplifiers, or one amplifier and one active subwoofer. It comes with a remote contro, and can be in Rosewood, Gloss Black or Cherry.


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