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Multi-Room Audio

Wireless multi-room audio systems are an incredibly convenient and easy way to bring music to your whole home. Even better you can control all of your speakers from a single remote – on your smart phone or tablet. You can play the same music throughout your home or choose different music for different rooms….
We have multiple different options to help you to achieve a solution that’s both right for your home or business, budget and listening preferences.

Some important questions to consider: 

1. How many rooms (or zones) do you want music in?
2. What sources of music do you want to listen to?
3. How do you want to control it?


Talk to us about a wireless multi-room system for your home and drop into our show room to experience a demonstration of our extensive systems on display. Browse the different brands we have available and don’t forget to contact us and speak to one of our friendly staff about getting a wireless multi-room audio solution that’s right for you.

We are the Multi-Room Experts 

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Recently added Multi-Room Solutions


Smart Speaker for Music Lovers
The new Sonos One with future-ready voice control is just the beginning...

RRP $299

Create Hi-Res zones
218 Zone Controller contains the functionality needed to create a Hi-Res audio zones.

RRP $1,699

Opening up a New World of Music
Connect the WXAD-10 to your current audio system and make your whole system smart!

RRP $229