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HEOS is a true multi-room music system made up of a family of different wireless capable products.

You can play the same song in every room or any combination of rooms you choose, including a different song in every room. These are distinct advantages over other wireless systems using Airplay and Bluetooth.

HEOS uses standard home wireless technology so you can use your existing router without the need for any new equipment such as a bridging device. The wireless range and sound quality is far superior to Bluetooth and any device on your network running the free HEOS app can control every speaker.

Only HEOS comes with 100 years of audio expertise from Denon.

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Portable & wireless
Get amazing sound while listening to audio via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi audio streaming.

RRP $299

Small to medium rooms
The groove starter. Delivers all the HEOS features and quality in a compact and flexible unit. Lay it down or stand it up.

RRP $449

Elegance meets performance...
Ideal for medium to large rooms such as dining rooms, larger bedrooms or living rooms.

RRP $649

Big sound design
Ideal for large rooms and open areas such as living rooms, patios, or open-floor-plan homes.

RRP $999

Soundbar & Sub Combo
Unleash dramatic sound from your favorite TV shows and movies.

RRP $1,499

Wireless zones for any stereo
Turn any existing home theater or music system into a wireless HEOS audio zone.

RRP $599

Wireless speaker solutions
This powerful stereo amplifier turns any pair of speakers into a wireless streaming music system

RRP $899

Mulitzone Audio
Whole home multi-zone audio brilliance in a single chassis.

RRP $3,499

Go anywhere
Turn your HEOS 1 into your mobile music system with the HEOS Go Pack!

RRP $179

Raising the bar
Delivers exceptional performance to enhance the sound from a TV or Blu-ray player...

RRP $1,299

Subsational sounds
Perfect sub-woofer sound is made simple with the HEOS sub-woofer in just minutes...

RRP $999