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Multi-room Distribution Systems

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Multi-Room Audio
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Create Hi-Res zones
218 Zone Controller contains the functionality needed to create a Hi-Res audio zones.

RRP $1,699

Upgrade your system
Upgrade any Hi-Fi Stereo or Home Theater system to include Wireless Network Audio Streaming.

RRP $389

Budget Multi-room
Two zones and two sources made easy

RRP $199 Was $1,695

Petite and practical
Great for beginners or as an add on for existing systems

RRP $299

For a strong connection
The most powerful Wireless Product Sonos has ever built.

RRP $149

Wireless Multi-room Amp
Amplified Zone Player - this and a pair of speakers makes a Zone

RRP $749

Wireless Multi-room Source
Non-amplified Zone Player, connects to any AUX input on a sound system to enable it to source all music

RRP $549

A self-powered speaker/zone
The Play 3 can be used alone, or for improved sound use a pair for stereo!

RRP $449

Enhanced Audio Version
The Connect can now be a high-end audio device, using the Rick Cullen Modifications.

RRP $1,399

Wireless Sub Sonos
A revolutionary design enables various room placements and fine tuning

RRP $999