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 Now Yamaha makes it easy to bring music to every room in your home wirelessly. Whether you start with a single speaker or the ultimate home theater, MusicCast expands to fit your needs, providing wireless multiroom audio playback controlled by a simple app. Available in a wide range of AV receivers, sound bars and speakers, MusicCast offers more options and versatility than ever before. Scroll down to see the range of the products currently on offer. 

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Compact connections
This Wi-Fi-enabled streaming speaker is so compact you can put it just about anywhere for instant listening.

RRP $349

Future proof HiFi Receiver
High sound quality MusicCast HiFi Receiver with support for DSD 5.6MHz reproduction.

RRP $999

Bar's open
Get amazing surround sound and MusicCast multi-room performance from a single sound bar.

RRP $999

Modern powered speaker
Enjoy the best in sound whether from smartphone, streaming services, PC, NAS or TV audio.

RRP $999

Artful entertainment
Wall-mounted, desk of shelf, FRAME provides an effortlessly artful touch to interiors.

RRP $699

Sense of presence
Sound from Above, for an Incredible Sense of Presence. The Dream 3D Surround Sound Has Arrived.

RRP $2,499

Thrilling cinema
Get thrilling cinema surround sound without the need for speakers around the room from an unassuming low-profile.

RRP $1,499

Compact Size, Big Enjoyment
With just this one unit, enjoy all your favourite music anywhere you want to.

RRP $249

Opening up a New World of Music
Connect the WXAD-10 to your current audio system and make your whole system smart!

RRP $229