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New Products

One of the most exciting aspects of this industry is the constant release of new, improved and innovative products. Some of these push the technological envelope into new and exhilarating directions. Others are simply newer and more affordable ways of enjoying both our musical and cinematic interests.

The new Devailet Phantom has arrived - discover it here 

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Hi Res on the go
Now you can comfortably listen to high resolution audio, anytime and anywhere.

RRP $799

A new masterpiece
Get the most authentic sound from any digital music format with enhanced features that are sought-after by Pro-Audio.

RRP $5,599

They've landed
Highly anticipated, state of the art headphone creation from the company that knows a thing or two about sound quality.

RRP $895

Reduce the jitters!
Reduce noise and ringing from data and power lines via USB

RRP $79

Exceptional design
This is Avid's entry level turntable but it's very much a sophisticated piece of engineering...

RRP $2,499

Huge dynamic sound
Engineered holistically – each part designed specifically to contribute to an overall performance.

RRP $4,295

One of the best
This latest generation Axis Voice Box S is a special little speaker.

RRP $2,495

Sub+Sat Loudspeakers
Rule your sonic domain with crisp delicious detail

RRP $1,799

Stream In High-Res
Free your music collection and stream your digital music to any existing stereo system...

RRP $999

World-Class Speaker Design
The Compact All-In-One Streaming Music System with Award-Winning Digital Amplification...

RRP $1,199

Re-Invented Amp
The integrated amp is the most popular HiFi product of all time and now it's been re-invented...

RRP $1,599

Hi-Res Streaming
Stream It In High-Res Anywhere You Want. - All Without A Computer.

RRP $2,199