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One of the most exciting aspects of this industry is the constant release of new, improved and innovative products. Some of these push the technological envelope into new and exhilarating directions. Others are simply newer and more affordable ways of enjoying both our musical and cinematic interests.

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Replaces the Maxi
A powerful wireless enabled speaker set

RRP $995

Portable Hi-Res Audio
Superb audio capability that can be enjoyed anywhere

RRP $2,349

Hi-Res Portable Audio
Combines top DACs with large storage and superb HD reproduction

RRP $3,399

More Transparency, Immediacy
A more direct signal path and better power supply circuits

RRP $199

One of the best
This latest generation Axis Voice Box S is a special little speaker.

RRP $2,295

Room filling sound
A multi-driver, high powered system


Three-way Centre
Ideal match for the larger 600 S2 speakers

RRP $1,099

Technology, Performance, Price
More precise treble, new bass drivers, new midrange ... a whole new deal!

RRP $2,499

A completely revised design
Slimmer and more efficient, and with improved detail.

RRP $1,699

Upgraded favourite
Five Star rating from What*HIFI

RRP $999

Excellent clarity
The new dual decoupled tweeter enhances performance

RRP $699

Premium Product
Trumps all previous B&W headphones

RRP $549

A Most Exclusive Item
A limited edition, only a handful of these superb speakers available to Australia

RRP $12,500

It's a P5 Plus!
A must for Maserati owners, or those who'd like to be ...

RRP $549

Modern Retro Powered Speaker
Solid timber, high performance powered speaker with Bluetooth and Aux inputs

RRP $899

Full Size Component
Has all you need in one chassis

RRP $1,799
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