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Packaged Systems

As the name implies, the Packaged System includes at least the source and the amplifier, and usually speakers as well, and it can be all in one box. Then there are iPod based systems where there's a dock, amplifier and speakers, or increasingly these days, bluetooth or a wireless input method. In the full form the speakers are separate, such as in the Yamaha "shelf systems".

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Recently Added Systems


2.1 Channel System
Gemstone ES speaker arrays reproduce the widest, most enveloping sound from any Bose 2.1-channel system

RRP $3,499

Soundbar, Sub and Console
This deceptively simple system has many hidden smarts, and delivers amazing sound

RRP $3,699

Top Model with Jewel Cubes
The output is something you'd expect from speakers many times their size.

RRP $4,999