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As the name implies, the Packaged System includes at least the source and the amplifier, and usually speakers as well, and it can be all in one box. with the phasing out of iPod based systems which usually included the dock in addition to the amplifier and speakers - the future of Packaged systems is now overwhelmingly wireless. That is, systems with Wi-Fi and / or Bluetooth connectively. Regardless of whether the packaged system takes on a more traditional separates form such as "mini or shelf system' or is an all-in-one system such as Naim's Mu-so - The age of the Wireless HiFi is well and truly upon us!

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Recently Added Systems


Compact competence
Offering CD, USB, FM radio PLUS Wi-Fi, MusicCast, AirPlay® and Bluetooth® - Compact and future proofed!

RRP $699

Compelling music package
Reference quality DAC, pre-amp and headphone amplifier +150 watts-per-channel stereo amplifier.

RRP $2,499 Was $3,399

Wireless innovation
A new compact wireless music system from the engineers behind the award-winning Mu-so...

RRP $1,299