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Triangle - LN01A Pack

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New, this ready-to-listen pack features a turntable and a pair of amplified speakers. It is developed by the TRIANGLE teams to allow easy, high quality listening. This turntable is designed in partnership with Pro-Ject to bring the best out of your favourite vinyl records.

The Speakers - Elara LN01A
The active speakers LN01A have a multitude of connectors enabling you to listen to your music from any source (Bluetooth AptX, RCA, 3.5 jack, optical, phono, as well as a subwoofer output). This pack brings vinyl records in the spotlight and is offered in full black or white. Enjoy a powerful sound (2x50W) of hi-fi quality, in perfect harmony with your interior.

The Turntable, designed by ProJect
Designed by Pro-Ject, the TRIANGLE turntable is compatible with 33 and 45 rpm records. It features a belt drive, an aluminium tonearm with sapphire bearings and a low vibration motor. The tonearm and the cartridge are pre-mounted to allow a relatively simple setup.

This turntable is specifically developed to pair with the LN01A speakers, thanks to its Ortofon OM-10 E cartridge and its high sensitivity (output voltage: 4 mV). The included Pro-Ject Connect It E phono cable ensures an excellent signal quality up to the dedicated phono jack of the LN01A speakers. This is because it benefits from high purity oxygen-free copper (HP-OFC) conductors and gold-plated RCA connectors.

Specifications - LN01A
TYPE Actives, Bass reflex
(+/-3dB Hz-Khz)
POWER [W] 2x50
INPUTS RCA, AUX, Optical, Phono, Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP aptX
OUTPUTS Subwoofer
DIMENSIONS (mm) 165x235x291
NET WEIGHT (kg) 9.5

Specifications - Triangle Turntable
TYPE 33/45 rpm, manual speed change, Belt drive
PLATTER Straight, Aluminum
TONEARM Ortofon OM-10e
RCA CABLE "Pro-Ject Connect It E,
gold-plated connectors"
BANDWIDTH 25 - 25 000 Hz
DUST COVER provided
DIMENSIONS (mm) 420 x 112 x 330
NET WEIGHT (kg) 4Kgs


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