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Yamaha - MCR-N560

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 Not everyone - or every room – needs a full-sized stereo system, so midi sized systems have always been popular. They evolve over time to take account of new formats, and the latest evolution sees the MCR-N560 now sporting a network connection and Apple’s Airplay facility, which allows wireless transfer of music from your portable iOS device or computer. 

The network connection enables such goodies as Internet Radio, but also allows you to use Yamaha’s Network Player Controller App to remotely control the system from your touch-screen device, be it phone or tablet.

Compatible with FLAC/WAV 192kHz/24bit audio signals, the MCR-N560 lets you play back content downloaded in FLAC or WAV formats from music sites. A USB input allows connection of various portable music devices. But you can still play a CD if you prefer!
The amplifier is a highly efficient digital design, while the two bookshelf speakers are based on similar technology to that used in Yamaha’s Soavo Speaker range, with quality woofer and tweeter, solidly built cabinets in gloss lacquer finish, and proper binding posts.
The amplifier/player console comes in black or silver, while the speakers come in black or white gloss finish.

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