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BDP2 Digital Player - Bryston

This current model plays high resolution digital audio files up to 192k/24b from digital storage devices without compromise.

Ref No. 14155
Onkyo - P3000R Pre-Amp / DAC

Current model just traded - Dual Pre-Amp Outputs + lots of on board tricks - expect rich sounds and tonal balance. Nice.

Ref No.
Integra - DTR 7.4 A/V Receiver
Very Good

This THX certified 7.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver features a high level of connectivity for the most complex of home applications.

Ref No.
Denon - AVR2807 A/V Receiver
Very Good

Full-featured 7.1-channel receiver, switch between two HDMI sources and convert analog video inputs to 480p HDMI output. Value at this price!

Ref No. 13068
Meridian - G55 Multi_Channel Power Amp

This is a thing! Four of the five channels can be bridged, providing two channels of 300 watts, and a single channel of 100 watts.

Ref No.
Musical Fidelity - 550K Power Amps

This exceptionally powerful and unusually versatile power amp delivers good sound, ultra-wide dynamic range and offers lots of headroom for peaks.

Ref No.