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Secondhand Products
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iMerge - NP200 mini system
Very good

Network audio player, Internet Radio tuner and an FM/AM tuner all in one unit

Ref No. 16007
Krell - EVO 202 pre/400 pwr
Very good

400 Series Class A Mono Amplifiers and 202 Stereo Pre-amplifier combination.

Ref No. 15967/15968
Audio Research - SP9 pre-amp
Very good

Well regarded Audio Research pre-amp is looking for a new home.

Ref No. 15973
Classe - 'CA-D200 Power Amplifier
Very good

An innovative amplifier design that uses what are called switching technology for amp and power supply.

Ref No. 15941
Prima Luna - Prologue Premium Preamp
Very good

Very close to perfection, hard to fault, a bargain at this price.

Ref No. 15876
QUAD - Two Forty Pwr amp & Twentry four Pre-amp
Very good

Arguably one of the finest pre-power amp combinations you'll find anywhere.

Ref No. 15905