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Musical Fidelity - X-LPS v3 Stereo Phono Pre-Amplifier

This little box of phono stage fidelity is sure to impress.

RRP $300
Ref No. 13091
Krell - Evolution 302e

The flagship stereo amplifier in the Evolution e Series.

RRP $8,000
Ref No.
Rega - Cursa 3 Pre Amplifier

High performance pre-amp using the "type 3" Rega Alpha-Encoder control system of high quality loss-less relays.

Ref No. 12981
Musical Fidelity - M3i Intergrated Amp

Used for only four months - in perfect working order, save off the RRP

Ref No. 12979
Rega - Maia 3 Power Amplifier

85 watt per channel high performance audio power amplifier housed in the Rega custom built extruded aluminium case.

Ref No.
Classe' - CA401

Recently traded, simply the Classé CA-401 will open your ears again - must be heard.

Ref No. 13004