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Secondhand Products
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QUAD - Vena
Very good

user-friendly amplifier designed to be the perfect match to an amazingly wide variety of digital and analogue sources.

Ref No. 14966
Moon - 3.3i with DAC
Very good

Integrated amp and DAC from HiFi specialists, Moo\n, offers considerable composure even when playing complex music at high volumes.

Ref No. 14961
Mission - Cyrus III
Very good

conservatively rated 50W per channel integrated amplifier designed to become the core of a quality audio system...

Ref No. 14944
Mission - Cyrus One
Very good

Multifaceted high performance amplifier with very natural and open sound for those that it fast and involving.

Ref No. 14945
Yamaha - RN500
Very good

Network HiFi receiver powerfully reproduces a wide range of sound sources, including network audio, with unsurpassed sound quality.

Ref No. 14938
Rotel - RX1052
Very good

Fully featured receiver engineered with a high-power two-channel amplifier employing 100 watts per channel and 3 zone capability.

Ref No. 14934