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Secondhand Products
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Musical Fidelity - AMS 50
Very good

An array of qualities that mark it out as an utterly superb amplifier no matter what loudspeaker it is paired with...

Ref No. TIM
Moon - 3.3i w/DAC
Very good

Highly respected solid state 3.3i integrated amp with optional DAC quick as this a sweet deal...

Ref No. 14961
Arcam - AVR600
Very good

120 watts by 7 ch power amplifier offering some of the most advanced AV processing ever seen in a high performance receiver.

Ref No. 15342
Musical Fidelity - Primo Pre-Amp

The result of 12 years of research and development, the Primo produces superlative sound, is beautifully built and is extremely reliable.

Ref No. Tim
Audiolab - 8200M Monoblocks
Very good

Great sounding and easily capable of producing 125W of clean and crisp sound at 8 ohms.

Ref No. 15074
NAD - C725 Bee
Very good

Delivers the performance of separate high-end components with the convenience of a receiver at a far more affordable price.

Ref No. 15288