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Secondhand Products
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Cambridge Audio - Azur 851W Flagship
Very good

Immense power and incredibly low distortion using a unique patented Class XD amplifier technology.

Ref No. 15566
Cambridge Audio - Azur 851E Flagship
Very good

Stereo Pre-amp, solid state volume control and toroidal transformer also contribute to the incredible sonic purity...

Ref No. 15567
Devailet - Expert 120

Brilliant amplifier technology that is years ahead of it's time & sound fantastic, can be upgraded to Expert 130 Pro config.

Ref No. 15503
Copeland - CVA306 Pre-amp
Very good

analogue hometheater preamp with valves. It sounds the part as well. It is tonally rich, relaxed and very musical.

Ref No. 15481
Classe Audio - Twenty Five Power Amp
Very good

Significant power available with 250 w/ch into 8 ohms, 500w/ch into 4 ohms or 1000 w/ch into 2 ohm.

Ref No. 15213
Musical Fidelity - M1 HPA

If you've only ever heard your headphones plugged into an everyday amp, or a computer, the M1 HPA will be a revelation.

Ref No. 14682