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Linn - Majik Integrated Amp
very good

There is something a little magical about these amps...come and discover why...

Ref No. 14449
Classe - CA401 Power Amp
Very good

400W 2 Channel brilliance,. The CA-401 is balanced from input to output, resulting in a greatly enhanced signal to noise ratio & lower induced common-mode distortion.

Ref No. 14477
Acoustic Research - P-10 Power Amp
Very Good

Superb power amp with 120 watts per channel into 8 ohlms (stereo)

Ref No. 14418
Integra - DTR 50.5 AV Receiver
Very good

Precision and control with DTR-50.5. With more amp and processing power—and integrated wireless streaming—you can experience home entertainment at its finest.

Ref No.
Krell - S-1500
Very good

Comprehensive power amplification delivers five, six, or seven channels of amplification.

Ref No. 14449
Roksan - Kandy Power Amplifier

"Profoundly Impressive' - that's how 'What HiFi' rated this amp and it's a thumping 120 watts per channel! Nice.

Ref No. 14307